Do you have a return policy?

Yes.  Within the first 30 days if you are not satisfied with the service.  You can receive a money back guarantee  (less PayPal transaction fees)
After 30 days you can cancel anytime, however, your current billing cycle payment cannot be returned.

Why do you not have a support phone number?

Phone callers need to be verified to ensure correct identity - this is a time consuming process, therefore, support is only available via
the contact form or by login and submitting a support ticket.  (thus ensuring identity matches what we have on file)

Most support questions are answered within one hour.
Written tickets also permit accurate description of the problem and a record for both parties for later reference if necessary.

What currencies do you accept?

Payment is currently accepted in USA or Australian dollars.
If you reside in Australia then AUD dollars is recommended.  If you reside elsewhere then USD dollars may be more practical.

PayPal will do auto conversion from your local currency to AUD dollars based on current exchange rates.

Before ordering the service check that the currency is set to your choice as once customer profile is registered the type of currency
cannot be changed.

Do I need to transfer my existing domain name to your registrar?

No we do not currently permit domain name transfers.  Transferring a domain name is a lengthy process requiring numerous emails
and can take up to 14 days.

All you need to do with your existing domain name is change the nameservers at your registrar.  (an email is forwarded advising how to do this)

Can I change hosting from another provider?

Yes you can access your new site from our server to design a new site and when ready change the nameservers at your registrar to point
 to RJS-Hosting servers.  Note:  We do not currently offer a transfer service.