RJS-Hosting Services is one of a number of sites that the registered business RJS (Rod Jones Systems) runs.

RJS is a reseller of internet services and forms  affiliations and partnerships with various organizations.

Previously RJS used servers in the USA, however, earlier this year made the move back to a local servers.

RJS now uses a company located in south-eastern Melbourne suburbs.  Their data center is located in Sydney and has an excellent up time

Whilst there is a trend towards cloud computing the traditional shared server offers excellent value and many features to make setting up an online site easier than ever.

For those that prefer access to global distributed servers then our partner site RJS-Domains.com provides all domain name registration types and hosting packages.  (including cloud servers)

For the best value packages remain at RJS-Hosting.

Thank you for visiting - I hope RJS can provide something interesting for your hosting needs.